Did you know that Office 365 and G Suite data is just as vulnerable to being lost as the data on your hardware and workstations? When your applications live in the cloud, it simply means that your data is stored in Microsoft or Google’s servers rather than your own IT closet. You don’t have to pay for the applications to be available all the time, or for software or hardware upgrades, but you do need to protect the data you and your employees create in the form of emails, files and internal sites.Cloud Backup for Office365 and G Suite

Unfortunately, vendors like Microsoft and Google specify that they are not liable for end-user data loss. One in three companies using SaaS applications has lost business-critical data. Accidental deletion alone accounts for 47% of that, making a human error the #1 cause of data loss.

Aside from internal threats like accidental deletion, you need a way to protect your business from the rising threat of ransomware and SaaS application outages. Datto SaaS Protection is your MSP’s choice for automated, secure, set-and-forget backup, protecting over 3.5 million SaaS users from data loss. This tool allows you to unlink business-critical data from your employees that create it and the application environment, meaning your MSP can easily recover your lost data in the cloud.

Comprehensive SaaS Data Protection Avoid lost productivity in the cloud due to data loss with quick and seamless, remote recovery

Rest easy with set-and-forget Backup.

  • No hardware needed
  • Fast set up
  • Point-in-time backups 3X a day captures relevant changes across Exchange Online or Gmail, Google Drive (including Team Drives), OneDrive, SharePoint sites, and other relevant apps; you can perform additional backups at any time
  • New user detection and automatic archiving for departing employees saves your critical information without needing to renew your license
  • Non-destructive restore recovers data without overwriting your existing files, folders or site collections targeted at the same inbox, folder or SharePoint URL